I’m Liza, a human always trying to evolve and get better with age. I find that books are my go-to for learning and growth. I’m a writer in progress, and a reader always. Books are definitely my idea of fun. I was that kid. The one that liked book reports.

Shelf Developed is a blog on books and who we become through them. I created it to be a place for us to draw insights from the things we read and become better versions of ourselves. Here you’ll find book summaries, book reviews, and commentary on lessons I’ve learned from things I’ve read. I hope that you can find your next great read, tips you didn’t know you needed, encouragement for tomorrow, or inspiration for today. We are all about the joy of reading here.

I work in marketing, mostly as a writer. One of the most important things you need to know about me is that I have a cat, Percy. He is named after one of The Greatest Wizards Who Ever Lived. If you know, you know.