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  • Are books a real threat to the system?
    Book bans are taking over America. Even Margaret Atwood wrote about her books being banned in schools, remaining confident that…
  • Do you read books slowly? Here’s why that’s a good thing
    There’s something very romantic about being the kind of person who spends hours poring over prose. The image conveys this…
  • Will AI revolutionize the way we read and write books?
    Since its launch, ChatGPT has been a topic inundating every information feed. The AI language model can produce essays, articles,…
  • Your reading list is out of control. Here are some tips to manage it.

    If you read this blog, it’s possible you suffer from a debilitating spending problem that haunts many bookworms. Despite a stack of books you’ve lined up for reading, you insist on buying new books anyway. And the stack piles. And piles. And piles. And one day, you’ll find that 80% of the floor space in your apartment is dedicated to stacking books you haven’t read, and you sit there, towered over by mountains of literature, racked with guilt and overwhelm. Hopefully, you are not in debt.

    It doesn’t have to get this far.

  • Should we be breaking up big book publishers?
    Even literature can’t escape capitalism. It’s easy to forget that the world of literature isn’t a ruthless, capitalist enterprise like Facebook or Amazon. How can it be, when it churns out products that help us escape into better worlds and meet better people? Let’s talk about how the Penguin Random House merger with Simon & Schuster could affect readers everywhere.